4 Ways to Have Effective Meeting to Crack a Business Deal

4 Ways to Have Effective Meeting to Crack a Business Deal

Welcome to 4 Ways to Have Effective Meeting to Crack a Business Deal

Meetings are very important as they are meant to boost productivity and efficiency between the employees to keep them productive and attentive during office hours. Love them or hate them, you can’t completely eliminate meetings. So, it’s important to make them as useful and constructive as possible.

When everyone is on the same page it makes the most challenging task can be also completed. Too many meetings destroy morale and motivation.

In reality, we find ourselves stuck at unproductive meetings, week after week. The average executive spends 18 hours a week at meetings. Almost half of all attendees say that meetings are the number one time-waster at work not only can meetings be a waste of time, but if not planned efficiently, they’re actually a waste of money, too.

Did you know that Jeff Bezos has something called the 2 Pizza rule? One of his pet peeves is groupthink, so he always ensures that meetings are kept small enough for everyone to contribute. Are there more people than two pizzas could feed? That’s too many.

So, at SMART WORKSPACE PVT. LTD we’re all about time management, and we put a lot of effort into having small effective meetings. Following are the 5 ways we follow to utilize most of the time.

1. Be Prepared– The key to successful meetings is management and make sure everybody receives the agenda for the meetings & they are prepared for it.

2. Don’t Lose Focus – At every meeting, there seems to be that one person who tends to go off track and telling stories not connected to the discussed topic in any way. So, at SMART WORKSPACES we try in meeting everyone has a clear focus, it’s much easier to set concrete action steps and follow up. So that if you got to the end of the meeting without having actionable next steps, the meeting should be considered wasted time so we prefer to keep it short and keep everyone engaged in a meeting.

3. Stop Multitasking – Multitasking is connected to our modern life where we want our work to finish as soon as possible. A study shows it makes us less effective, increases stress, and costs the global economy an estimated $450 billion every year. More frighteningly, Harvard Business Review reports that multitasking leads to a 40% drop in productivity and a loss of 10 IQ points… equivalent to pulling an all-nighter.

4. Have patience – Not many business people are patient. In fact, a lot of them are used to rushing negotiations in the hopes of winning more. Believe it or not, patience can go a very long way too. Being calm, flexible and relaxed has a lot of advantages. Patience can also be a devastating weapon for your opponents. They might lose their temper, thus giving you the upper hand to make a sensible decision.

Cracking a good business deal is not impossible as long as you’re prepared to deal with unexpected situations. Enter a meeting armed with information and have the courage to speak up. Ask for what you want and find a way to build a connection with the parties involved in order to reach an agreement and end the meeting with a good bargain.

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